Looking back at some old posts I came across this one that I wrote about Emi’s name while she was still alive, one of the sentences really struck me.

“We named her Emi. Her first name was chosen for various reasons, I have very fond memories of a young lady with the name, she brought happiness, laughter and sunshine where ever she went. I only knew her for a short time but she really impacted those around her. I knew I wanted to always have that in my life so the name Emi is a reminder of that. Our little one was born in Japan so I wanted to give a bit of a nod to that, but seeing as her parents are obviously not Japanese we wanted to give her a name that was Japanese but could pass as and English name. Her middle name is my maiden name, a nod to my dad who passed when I was still a kid.”


We only knew our little girl Emi for a short time, but like her name sake, she also brought happiness, laughter, and sunshine. Emi really impacted those around her.  Thank you little Emi, your short time with us will never be forgotten.


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